Welcome All Ye Who Enter Here!

Welcome one and all,

This is an introductory piece if you will, explaining what this blog is about and who the writer of it is.

I shall start from the top, my pen name is Captain Fujishiro, the name of my Space Marine Captain of the Carcharodons (Space Sharks) Chapter. I am an avid miniature tabletop gamer, lover of video games, anime, music and well, sharks, and this blog is a kind of conglomeration of all these things. But mostly about my beloved Carcharodon Chapter.

I should give you a brief synopsis of my hobby history. I’ve been playing Warhammer 40k for the last 9 years, with a wide variety of armies, and in my youth I made some very big mistakes, spending the little money I had on any and all random armies that I thought were cool and loved their fluff. Sufficed to say this landed me with a lot of regret and wasted models, not only that but as I got better at painting and as I got better at playing the game I began not to like how my old models looked, and I just needed a fresh start, I was once quite a decent Dark Eldar player and I had a nicely painted army but at the end of last year, sick of the arms race and rule changes, I left the hobby. In a great exodus I sold almost all my miniatures, keeping only my best painted and most beloved as keepsakes of the armies I had once played. But now I have returned and started anew with my Carcharodons.

As far as tabletop games go, I am a keen player of Warhammer 40k, but I have also dabbled in Warmachine, Malifaux, Warhammer Fantasy (and Age of Sigmar) and Infinity. I also play quite a few self contained miniature board games as well, namely Super Dungeon Explore and Ninja All-Stars.

As far as everything else goes, my taste in video games, anime and music is far too vast to get into within a single page. As for sharks themselves, well I was obsessed with them as a child and learned as much as I possibly could about them, I still do love learning about shark, though with much less zeal than my more youthful self and finally have an outlet to talk about these quite beautiful creatures.

So this blog is about me, the hobbies I love and just things in general relating to me or my hobbies, but will mainly be showing my work as I assemble, play, paint and finish my Carcharodons army.

I do hope that you enjoy this blog and all it’s posts,


Captain Fujishiro.


GW’s Release Schedule Change

I was pumped and excited this weekend for the release of The General’s Handbook for Age of Sigmar, I was ready to start making lists and thinking about the possible armies I could make. However I awoke on Saturday to find no changes whatsoever to the Age of Sigmar app and when I looked again properly it said that it would be released on the 23rd.

This curious development is an interesting step for Games Workshop going back to the monthly release schedule after about a year of weekly releases. I personally don’t mind this change, I liked the old monthly release schedule, my only complaint with it was that it didn’t focus on all of GW’s games, but in this month there have been releases for AoS, 40k and even The Hobbit, so hopefully they’ll continue that trend.

I do look forward to seeing how this release schedule turns out in the long run.


Carcharodon Chapter Tactics: Scout Squads


Time again to review the Carcharodons Chapter Tactics. This time we are reviewing Scout squads and how well they work with them.

Well, they’re terrible, to put it bluntly. Fear is as useless as it always has been and makes no difference to a Scouts units success at all (unless you’re fighting Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard) and acquiring Rage is next to impossible, even for close combat oriented Scouts as they have a hard enough time killing one unit, let alone having the numbers and strength to benefit from Rage on the next unit. They are simply not tough enough to benefit from these Chapter Tactics at all. Which is ironic considering that Carcharodons are a very Scout heavy Chapter.

So as far a Chapter Tactics go, Scouts are still just plain old Scouts in the Carcharodons army. It’s becoming apparent that the Carcharodon Chapter Tactics favour the tough or units in large numbers (as in 10 close combat Scouts may actually work well with it), but you never know if the dice may swing in your favour and that single Fear roll makes all the difference.


Planetary Empires Campaign: Final Round Battle Report


As dawn rose, the sun’s light seeped through the broken, war torn city streets that would be the setting of the Angels’ decent. Wind rushed over the glorious golden armour of the Master of the Blood Angels and his retinue as they descended upon the sharks below like the seraphim depicted in the scriptures of old Terra. Striking with holy fury Dante and his Sanguinary Guard let loose a barrage of melta and bolts into the Carcharodon ground forces. However the angels, in their arrogance, underestimated the Carcharodon’s counter attack. The fury of Nicor was unleashed as an orbital strike laid low the 1000 year old Chapter Master and his retinue. The wings of the Angels’ master flickered out as the last of his men fell to the sharks.

The final battle of the campaign has a bloody one and a close one too as my Carcharodons struggled to catch (and dismember) the Blood Angels efficiently. The mission was a custom Kill Points game where HQ were worth 3 VP, Troops were 1, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support were worth 2 and Lords of War were worth 6. We also got to take a flash back to the past as the deployment type was the old Dawn of War deployment from the 5th Edition rulebook.

I wasn’t phased whether I won or lost the game so I chucked an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor onto the end of my army list for funsies and played a very Terminator heavy army, which I shall detail here:

HQ: Tyberos the Red Wake, Captain Fujishiro and Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Anastasia Nian-ahn.

Troops: 1x 5 man Tactical Squad in Drop Pod, 1x 5 man Tactical Squad in Razorback, The Red Brethren (5 man Assault Terminator Squad) in Land Raider.

Elites: 5 man Assault Terminator Squad with 3 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields.

Heavy Support: Contemptor Dreadnought.

The Angels also had a very Elite heavy army:

HQ: Sanguinary Priest

Troops: Cassor the Damned, 5 man Scout Squad with Snipers.

Elites: Sanguinary Guard Squad, Assault Terminator Squad with 4 TH/SS, Death Company Squad.

Heavy Support: Stormraven Gunship, Predator Executioner

Lord of War: Commander Dante

As the Blood Angels had the initiative, they took the first turn by storm. The Predator Executioner and Death Company moved onto the game board and in an unfortunate turn of events the Predator immobilised on Difficult Terrain, a trend that would affect every vehicle with treads, as in my first turn both my Land Raider and Razorback suffered the same fate (however the Razorback re-rolled to safety with it’s Dozer Blade). Cassor wandered aimlessly through terrain and the Scouts hunkered down in their terrain. Despite being Immobilised, the Predators guns were functioning better than ever, Instagibing the Inquisitor (who had scouted into the open). My Turn 1 was quite eventful as the Drop Pod delivered the Tactical Squad and their Meltagun into range of Cassor the Damned that suffered critical damage and exploded, another vehicle trend that would come later on. The Red Brethren tore into the Death Company and killed five of them, losing two of their own to Power Fists.

Turn 2 was the turn were the game had swung into my favour. With Commander Dante, the Sang Guard and Priest Deep Striking behind my Razorback and failing to destroy it with Meltas. The Predator had similar success, firing an impressive barrage into the Tactical Squad yet only being able to kill Captain Fujishiro. The Stormraven flew on and following its predecessors, failed to Melta the Land Raider. The Carcharodons however, had a much better turn with Tyberos’ Orbital Strike getting a direct hit on Dante and his clumped up retinue and killed three quarters of the unit and Commander Dante himself. The Death Company were finished off by the Red Brethren and the Predator Executioner exploded to the Tactical Squads Melta Bomb.

Turn 3 saw the Blood Angels try to counter attack, but barely dent the Carcharodons, with a few marines falling here and there. In my Turn 3 I cleaned up the Scout Squad and reduced the Sang Guard to one model, who fled into the Red Brethren and promptly slaughtered them in Turn 4 before fleeing some more. The game started to wain as it got into Turn 5 and 6 as it just became a slow chase between Terminators. The Game ended Turn 6 with the Carcharodons edging ahead on Victory Points to take the win.


Shark of the Month: Cookiecutter Shark


Hi everyone, it’s that time again, time for Shark of the Month. This time I’m going to be talking about a truly bizarre creature from the depths, the Cookiecutter Shark, as it has been in the local news recently as a baby sea lion was saved by people with strange cookie-shaped chunks bitten out of it.

The Cookiecutter Shark, otherwise known as the Cigar Shark due to it’s diminutive size and fat, cigar like shape, is named so for it’s strange hunting method. Reaching an average size of around 50 centimetres long (roughly 20 inches) they are not the Jaws-esque terrors that we see as sharks but they are a very aggressive species of shark, primarily hunting whales, large fish and sea mammals and have even bitten submarines. So how do these mini cookie monsters do it? they use their incredibly powerful jaw to scoop small cookie sized chunks of flesh out of their prey, which for an animal like a whale is almost like a paper cut. Because of the Cookiecutter’s prey being so large and they themselves being so small they are able to get a meal almost completely undetected.


The tools of the Cookiecutter’s trade.


The secret to the Cookiecutter’s success lies with their jaw design. The top jaw is almost flat with minuscule teeth for gripping onto their much larger prey. The bottom jaw is the complete opposite, a horrific row of massive, razor sharp triangles, that carve through flesh with the lower jaw’s scooping motion, devouring a chunk of their prey before disappearing into the depths.

The Cookiecutter is a deep sea shark, living at depths around the three kilometre mark and living most if not all their lives in darkness, as such they have the strongest bioluminescence of all shark species, these green glows glands are primarily found underneath the Cookiecutter’s eyes allowing it to see in the murky depths.

The Cookiecutter is as marvelous as it is bizarre, as it has been honed to a single purpose of hunting much larger animals, almost like a parasite and adapting to it’s life in the inky deep sea. Not only that but unlike most sharks the Cookiecutter is not an endangered species, living in relative safety in the deep water.

I hope I have shed a little light on one of the most bizarre sharks in the world, emphasis on ‘one of’.


Planetary Empires Campaign: Round 4 End Phase


Well Round 4 of the campaign has ended with quite a few surprises. The Carcharodons have been relegated to a small corner of the planet as the ever encroaching Crimson Fists pushed north of their Hive City and well into shark territory. The Dark Angels have wiped all trace of the Khorne Daemonkin from their planet and have relegated them with the Necron, who have still failed to gain a foothold back on either planet.

However the most shocking defeat was that of the Grey Knights, who were defeated by the very daemons they had been trained to smite.

Having lost and been relegated to the bottom of the group I had the ability to challenge anyone I see fit, so my next targets are the Emperor’s pretty boys, the Blood Angels.

Final Round Battle Report imminent.


Carcharodon Chapter Tactics: Tyberos the Red Wake


Tyberos the Red Wake, Chapter Master of the Carcharodons, is the only Carcharodon special character and Carcharodon specific unit in the entirety of Warhammer 40k. So how do the Carcharodon Chapter Tactics work with the greatest of all sharks? Pretty awesomely actually, as Tyberos has quite a few special rules of his own that synergise with them well. So lets take a look at these rules of his.

The Scent of Blood: Should Tyberos become subject to the
Rage special rule (see the Chapter Tactics (Carcharodons)
special rule), he and any other models that are also subject
to Rage because of Chapter Tactics (Carcharodons) gain
+1 Strength for the duration of the battle.

Warlord: If Tyberos is part of an army then he will always
be the army’s Warlord, regardless of the Leadership value
of other HQ choices. He does not roll on the Warlord Traits
table, but instead receives the following unique Warlord
Savagery Beyond Reason: The Warlord and any unit he
joins gain the Preferred Enemy (Infantry) special rule.

The Scent of Blood is an insane buff to not just Tyberos (who then gains S5 Lightning Claw or S10 Chainfists) but every model in the army, so long as they have met the requirements for gaining Rage. So +1 Strength gives them what is essentially permanent Furious Charge allowing them to beat lesser races into dust efficiently and gives them a huge edge against other Space Marines. However the only condition to achieve this godly bonus is that Tyberos himself must either kill a unit in close combat or make them fall back, a feat that is much easier said then done. The biggest problem is that Tyberos is rather fragile, without an Iron Halo or any other form of decent Invulnerable Save he can be shot down quite easily, and without Eternal Warrior he can be Instagibbed but a lucky Lascannon. This means you have to give him a transport of some kind and/or a unit that is tough enough to take the brunt of a fire storm, both of which form an incredibly expensive retinues that’ll take huge chunks out of your army’s points. That having been said, Tyberos gives them plenty of benefits, including his glorious Warlord Trait, so it’s really up to you if you’d like to spend that many points on him.

Tyberos also boasts a horrifying 7 Attacks on the charge (if he has Rage) which can be split between his Lightning Claw or Chainfist like Logan Grimnar due to the special rule Weapon Mastery. This on top on Rage, +1 Strength, Fear and Preferred Enemy makes him and any unit he is with horrifying to face in close combat.

It goes without saying that Tyberos was designed with the Carcharodon Chapter Tactics in mind and thus buffs the army tenfold, making it on par with the other Space Marine Chapters and their respective Chapter Tactics. He is a pricey 190 point Warlord that can be put down easily but I love him as a character and will always take him in my lists, because how could I not play the Chapter Master of my favourite Chapter?


Carcharodon Astra: Tactical Squad Sphyra

Squad Sphyra Group Shot

Members of Squad Sphyra from Left to Right: Brother Tudes, Brother Zygaena, Veteran Sergeant Mokarran, Brother Lewini and Brother Tiburo.


I have finally finished painting my first squad of Tactical Marines! Due to the small amount of Tactical Marines that the Carcharodons have in the fluff, I have decided to have only 10 of them all up (split into five man squads). My two squads are named Squad Ocellatum and Squad Sphyra. Squad Sphyra is the first one to be finished and is sort of a test batch, trying out the slight improvements of my original ‘utilitarian’ colour scheme. Here’s some of the fluff I’ve made for Squad Sphyra and the role they play on the battlefield.

Known as The Hammer of the first company, Squad Sphyra are the definition of tactical. They trawl the battlefield behind the front lines within the Razorback Cetorhinus, capturing objectives and slaughtering those unfortunate enough to have not been killed by the bigger sharks on the front lines. Armed unusually with heavy emphasis on ranged weaponry Squad Sphyra are no strangers to combat, being able to out shoot other squads with high powered weapons or brutalise their foe with blade and fist. There is no hiding from Squad Sphyra, level-headed and methodical, they make sure no trace of the enemy is left to call reinforcements and purge them from the hovels in which they cower.

From their choice of weaponry to their tribal markings Squad Sphyra are based around the Hammerhead Shark, in fact the name Sphyra itself is the scientific genus for all sharks in the Hammerhead family. Each model is named after the scientific name of a particular breed of Hammerhead too, for example Veteran Sergeant Mokarran, is named after the Great Hammerhead. This form of naming is a trend that the rest of my army will fall into. As for painting, there were a few interesting little details I added to this squad that turned out quite well. Apart from the obvious things, like the improved glow effects and tribal markings, I also added slight armour scratches and made the decision that plasma in my army was to be purple (because everyone knows that purple is cooler than blue or green, just ask Mace Windu). another feature was the chevrons on the sergeants Combi-Flamer, originally an accident of forgetting to paint the casing grey, I lazily decided it was too much effort to get the dark grey out again and decided to do some cool free hand instead, which makes the sergeant stand out that little bit more.

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for, the picture gallery:


Veteran Sergeant Mokarran from the side.


…and his good side.


A front on image of Mokarran in all his glory.


Brother Tudes and Zygaena.


The backs of Brother Tudes and Zygaena, with lots of detail on the rivet.


Brother Lewini and Tiburo. Close up shot of the Plasma Gun.


The Hammerhead, tribal symbol of Squad Sphyra. Each Battle Brother has his own personal heraldry above the squad markings.


Free Rules! Privateer Press’ New Editions

I am incredibly excited as the new edition of Warmachine and Hordes is out, and the rules are free to download directly from Privateer Press’ website.

Despite being a devout follower of Warhammer 40k, I am not wholly bound by it and love pretty much all wargames and having played proxy games of Warmachine with my sister. I have wanted to start it for a while now, but since I knew the update was coming around the corner I decided to hold off for a little bit. But now that it’s dropped I plan to give it a bit of a go whilst I work on my Carcharodons.

I’ll be reviewing and posting up proxy battle reports up soon enough as I give the new version a test run.


Planetary Empires Campaign: Round 4 Battle Report


I challenged the Crimson Fists in Round 4 and the sharks once again fell to their opponents. It was a close match but the objectives, which were scattered randomly around the board fell in the favour of the Sons of Dorn. So in tradition here is the beautifully written battle report from the Crimson Fists point of view…

The Crimson Fists had the high ground and were ready for the looming threat. The plasma devastators had clear firing lanes from the ancient ruins, bikes were poised to pounce on Chief Librarian Mendoza’s call, and their Mechanicus allies had line of sight to both flanks.

Suddenly reconnaissance scouts spotted the enemy. At first they only saw scout bikes, but then a bigger threat loomed. Their dark colouration was camouflaged well in the drab landscape, but the silhouette of a land raider and a relic contemptor dreadnought were unmistakeable. These were mighty war machines, but Mendoza knew his men had the arsenal to deal with them, and promptly called in orbital reinforcements. A drop pod full of the Crimson Fist’s finest veterans made the tactical strike and sealed the ancient dreadnought in a tomb of molten metal.

The enemy gained strength with strategic orbital strikes, unloading more terminator armour than Mendoza hoped to see again from across the battle line. The enemy was blazoned with shark insignia, the likes of which were unfamiliar to even the most revered veterans. Only veteran Sergeant Huron Grimm had seen them, millennia before. They were the mighty Carcharodons. Mendoza grimaced, as he harnessed the warp with all of his focus. A series of tactical strike and retreats were devastating, thanks to his magnetokinetic prowess.

Just when all appeared lost for the Carcharodons, reinforcements arrived. Medoza sent in all of his marines to finish the job, in an arrogant, and somewhat foolhardy move. What was a seemingly simple clean-up had become his worst nightmare. He had never seem such tactics, nor had he expected how fallible his decision making would prove to be. Medoza and many of his men fell, under the savage leadership of Tyberos.

Veteran Sergeant Grimm was the only survivor of his unit, and with a last attempt at vengeance he stormed the blood crazed sharks. He pulled his relic disintegration gun from its holster, and incinerated the enemy Captain. Tyberos caught sight of his General falling, and charged Grimm with rage. Little was he to know that Grimm had seen these aggressive tactics before, and with the initiative Grimm made the lethal strike to the Charcharadons leader, severing his spine. It was a victory fo the Crimson Fists, but their already low numbers were weakened further, and never before had victory felt so much like defeat!

I got the jump on him at the start, and the game looked like it was going to be quick. To his credit he never dropped his head and almost pulled off a miraculous victory. The game went all the way to turn 7, with me only having 3 devs and my heroic sternguard sergeant alive.

It was a truly fun game and I only had an Immobilised Land Raider, a Drop Pod and three Tactical Marines left at the end of the game.


The First of Many…

A few years ago, before I painted my Assault Terminators I had painted my first Carcharodon Space Marine. I had decided to start a Space Marine army and I trawled through the fluff of countless Chapters, I even wrote up massive amounts of fluff on my own Chapter, The Swords of Vengeance, however despite all this I decided on the Carcharodons. Their fluff was badass and they had a shark on their shoulder pads, two things that still make me love them to this day.

Having found my old Carcharodon Tactical Marine recently, I decided it was worthy of having it’s own post about it. So while I’m working on the finishing touches on one my new Tactical Squad, here is the model that started it all…


Lots of glow effects and the ‘utilitarian’ colour scheme is dabbled with.


Rear shot, with a snap shot of the terribly done tribal markings (which have gotten much better, you’ll see it soon enough).


First attempt at Carcharodon Iconography, again it has improved since then too.